NEXT RIDGE is a concept of determination & preserverance...
put the work in, keep going!
NEXT RIDGE is a motto... a creed, for adventure & life!

Here at Next Ridge, we live by the principles of God, Family, Friends, and Country. Based in the Southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California, Next Ridge is family owned and operated.  We love everything outdoors; hunting, fishing, cowboyin', hiking, and camping. Our team places great value on customer service and providing quality products for outdoorsmen & outdoorswomen. Nothing brings us joy like seeing families making memories and enjoying the outdoor life together. 

Next Ridge Apparel was established in 2016 by our good friends Sean and June Murray. We acquired the company in 2021 and are looking forward to serving this great community for many years to come.

Thank you for checking us out and for all of your support!

~Matt, Tracie, and Kids

The Taylor Family